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About us

KAJ ANDREASEN & CO was founded by trade entrepreneur Kaj Andreasen in 1970 in Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands. KAJ ANDREASEN & CO is the major supplier of heavy machinery and equipment to the key industries within the Faroe Islands, most importantly the construction industry, and the fishing and aquaculture industries.

We also provide the wide assortment of equipment and spares needed by all types of ocean-going vessels, including local coastal boats.
KAJ ANDREASEN & CO is a well respected and trusted equipment supplier. We have earned that trust by working closely with our customers and taking the extra time and effort to locate and deliver the specific piece of equipment or the total industrial solution needed by our customers.
KAJ ANDREASEN & CO is the agent for a number of manufacturers and distributors from around the world. We diligently and continuously stay attuned to the technological advances occurring within the product lines that we offer our customers.
KAJ ANDREASEN & CO offers both retail and wholesale distribution services. Local retail equipment outlets around the country depend on us as their chief wholesale supplier.
All our products are guaranteed and fully backed by our commitment to quality sourcing and effective customer service. Our customers depend on KA Quality.
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“Trusted KA Quality”